Is Black A Good Color For Kitchen Countertops? 7 Pros & Cons

Modern kitchen with black countertop

Deciding on a particular color for your kitchen countertops may seem like an easy task. However, apart from merely being in love with that color, you must consider certain benefits or otherwise of your choice.

Black countertops are not an uncommon choice when it comes to countertop colors. People settle for black kitchen countertops for varied reasons. But the bigger question is, is it worth it?

In this article, I will discuss how amazing it is to have black kitchen countertops and the downsides as well. Then, I will conclude on whether or not it is worth considering.

Are Black Kitchen Countertops In Style?

You are certainly not old-fashioned for wanting black kitchen countertops because the great news is that, they are still in style. Though black kitchen countertops have been among the common choices for a very long time, they are still not out of style.

In fact, like most black things, black kitchen countertops are considered classic, timeless, and ageless. Black kitchen countertops exude sophistication, luxury, and elegance. Unlike a lot of other colors, black countertops work well with different themes and colors.   

Possessing these qualities means that black kitchen countertops will be in vogue for a long time, if not forever.

Things To Consider Before Buying Black Kitchen Countertops

Regardless of what color kitchen countertop you are buying, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Narrowing it down to black kitchen countertops, certain things cannot be overlooked when buying or planning to buy them.

1. Price Of The Countertop

Like every other kitchen countertop color, your budget should be a top priority when buying a black kitchen countertop. Decide on how much you are willing to spend before hitting the market.

It may not be a specific amount of money, but a range should work so you do not end up spending beyond your budget. Generally, most black kitchen countertops are more costly than other colors so do keep that in mind.

2. Material Used For The Countertop

After deciding that you want a black kitchen countertop, you should know what countertop material you are going in for, considering your budget. Quartz, marble, and granite, among other materials, are some of the material options you should narrow your search down to.

 Of course, all these materials come with their pros and cons, which must also be considered.

3. Your Personal Style

Black kitchen countertops are classic, sleek, timeless, ageless, luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant. They also give a modern look to your kitchen space. If any of these words describe the style and theme you are going for in your kitchen, then buying black kitchen countertops is great.

4. Frequency Of Use Of Countertop

Compared to other lighter colors, black can be considered a dirty color, such that it can hide dirt well. Using your countertop frequently may require you to do a lot of cleaning and also frequent use means more exposure to damage if not handled with care.

So, if you will use your countertop frequently, buying black kitchen countertops is a great idea. Though this does not mean you will not be required to clean the black kitchen countertops, it will not make cleaning as tedious as if it were a lighter color. Also, scratches and stains will not be too obvious.

5. Amount Of Natural Lighting In The Kitchen

When buying black kitchen countertops, you should consider the amount of natural lighting that hits your kitchen. Black kitchen countertops tend to absorb light and give an illusion of a smaller space.

So, if you have a small kitchen with a little amount of natural lighting, you should not get black kitchen countertops. On the other hand, if your kitchen is big, black kitchen countertops can make the space feel more cozy and intimate.

6. Size Of Kitchen

The size of your kitchen should be a deciding factor when buying or planning to buy black kitchen countertops. Generally, black kitchen countertops work better in bigger kitchens than smaller ones regardless of whatever theme you are going for.

In the end, you do not want your small kitchen to look even smaller and do not want your big kitchen to feel less intimate.

Pros Of Black Kitchen Countertops

1. Black Kitchen Countertops Are Timeless

I cannot emphasize enough that black kitchen countertops transcend time. Black kitchen countertops have been used since time immemorial but are still in style and up to date. If you happen to own a house and are contemplating buying black kitchen countertops, do go ahead.

This is because, if you decide to resell in the future, you will surely get a great price, if that should be the determinant. Black kitchen countertops do not age.

2. Black Kitchen Countertops Are Versatile

Black kitchen countertops are versatile because they work well with many other kitchen elements. For instance, black kitchen countertops can be combined with most light-colored kitchen elements to suit your style. From cabinets to floors to walls, black kitchen countertops can work with most colors and designs.

3. Black Kitchen Countertops Are Easy To Clean

If you cannot keep up with cleaning, you should be leaping for joy at this point. Black kitchen countertops are easy to clean. Compared with lighter shades of kitchen countertops, black kitchen countertops hide dirt, spills, and stains well.

This does not mean that you should not leave those stains on your black kitchen countertops, but it will be comparatively easier to clean than lighter-colored kitchen countertops.

4. Black Kitchen Countertops Last Longer

For the most part, black kitchen countertops are durable. Most black kitchen countertops are made from granite and quartz, both very solid and long-lasting materials. These materials are also to a very large extent, resilient when it comes to heat, scratches, and cracks.   

Cons Of Black Kitchen Countertops

1. Black Kitchen Countertops Are Difficult to Maintain

Though black kitchen countertops are easy to clean, they are difficult to maintain. Because of their color, black kitchen countertops easily show fingerprints and other watermarks.

If you clean your black kitchen countertops and do not dry them properly with a dry microfibre cloth, you may leave behind soapy water residue, which when airdried, will leave obvious marks.

Again, those water rings you leave on your black kitchen countertops after enjoying your cold glass of juice will be seen once left to air dry.

2. Black Countertops Can Make A Kitchen Look Smaller

Black kitchen countertops can give the illusion of a small kitchen space if not combined well with other colors and kitchen elements. If your kitchen is small, does not have much natural lighting, fitted with black kitchen countertops and your cabinets, floors, and walls are also dark colored, your kitchen will certainly look much smaller and even darker.

3. Black Kitchen Countertops Absorb Heat

If you are in a hot climate and do not have a heat extractor or air conditioner in your kitchen, black kitchen countertops may not be such a great idea. Black kitchen countertops absorb heat. This heat trap can also make your kitchen hot, making spending time in the kitchen less enjoyable.

Are Black Kitchen Countertops Worth It?

I will say black kitchen countertops are certainly worth it. Because black kitchen countertops offer a timeless classic look, they are an easy selling point whenever you decide to resell your property.

It is also easy to clean black kitchen countertops as opposed to lighter-colored ones so if you use the countertop often this elegant countertop color can be a part of your color choices.

However, because of constraints in your budget, the size of your kitchen, your kitchen’s lighting, and your personal style, the decision to buy black kitchen countertops depends on you.

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