5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

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Like every other room in the house, the kitchen and its elements need to be thought through, whether you are building a new one or renovating an existing one. One of the major decisions to make is choosing your kitchen cabinets.

In choosing kitchen cabinets, you need to consider:

  • your budget
  • the size of the kitchen
  • style
  • storage
  • accessibility and functionality

Apart from their function, the general aesthetic of your kitchen can be largely dependent on your kitchen cabinets so you certainly cannot pick just anything at all.

Indeed, choosing kitchen cabinets go beyond how nice you think they look. For you to make the right pick of kitchen cabinets, do read on.

Importance Of Kitchen Cabinets

Like every element in the kitchen, your cabinets hold some importance. Apart from merely filling up your kitchen and possibly making it look lovelier, kitchen cabinets have more value attached to them.

1. Storage

The primary role of kitchen cabinets is storage. Without kitchen cabinets, most items in your kitchen will just be sitting on the kitchen floor and I’m sure you would not like that. Kitchen cabinets give us room to store some if not all of the items we would like to keep in the kitchen.

2. Organization

Again, kitchen cabinets give us space to organize the ingredients, appliances, and other items in the kitchen. I am by no means saying things will be automatically properly arranged in your kitchen once you have kitchen cabinets.

Of course, you have to make that happen yourself as there are certainly a ton of disorganized kitchen cabinets.

3. Beautification

Apart from their functionality, kitchen cabinets can add aesthetics to your kitchen. Depending on the style you choose, kitchen cabinets can be a thing of beauty too in your kitchen. For many people also, the beauty of the kitchen cabinets is the first selling point.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Now that we know that you cannot choose kitchen cabinets merely because they appeal to you, let’s discuss some points that can help you make the right choice when it comes to picking out your kitchen cabinets. Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or building a new one, the ensuing factors will be helpful.

1. Budget

There is a plethora of designs to choose from when it comes to kitchen cabinets and they come in a wide range of prices. Therefore, one of the main factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets is how much you are willing to spend or how much money you have on hand.

know how much money you are willing to part with when choosing cabinets for your kitchen. Mostly, kitchen cabinets that come with doors or some form of closing, are more expensive, and cabinets with no doors are somewhat less expensive.

If you ignore your budget and go in for any kitchen cabinet design based on other factors alone, chances are that you may spend too much money and end up frustrated.

2. Size Of Kitchen

While some kitchen cabinets can be custom-made, others come already made. Whichever one you decide to go for, you need to consider the size of your kitchen. Once you decide which portions of the kitchen you will like to install kitchen cabinets in, correct measurements would need to be to ensure that whatever you get fits the space perfectly.

Ignoring the size of your kitchen and getting kitchen cabinets based on other factors is unwise. You may end up not enjoying those kitchen cabinets once they are installed or not being able to use those kitchen cabinets in your kitchen at all because they are too big or too small.

3. Style

Another factor to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets is your style, which is largely dependent on the theme of the kitchen. Whether you are going for the modern or traditional look the entire kitchen space will inform which kitchen cabinets to get.

This is not to say you cannot mix up the themes. But, it needs an artistic or professional eye to be able to blend two different styles and make it work. If you fail to incorporate your style into your choice of kitchen cabinets, you are most likely going to end up with something you do not enjoy seeing or using.

Moreover, if you ignore the theme of the kitchen or even the house and go in for just any type of kitchen cabinets, there may not be coherence in the space and it will certainly not be appealing to your eye especially and even to the eyes of others. 

4. Storage

How much storage space you prefer in your kitchen cabinets should be another determinant when choosing your kitchen cabinets. Apart from storing ingredients and utensils, kitchen cabinets can house some “non-kitchen” items too.

So, think about what items you would like to be stored in your kitchen cabinets before deciding on which to make or buy. You do not want a situation whereby after making or buying your kitchen cabinets, you still have some items lying around the kitchen space, making it look cluttered and disorganized.

This is exactly what will happen if you do not think through and decide how much storage space you want in your kitchen cabinets. Now, before you ask what happens if you buy more things for the kitchen in the future and do not have space, project for those times as well.

5. Accessibility

How accessible you want your kitchen cabinets to be, also ties in with the users of the kitchen and the cabinets. As much as your kitchen cabinets should beautify your kitchen and offer enough storage for your items, they should also be accessible to whoever are the frequent users of the space primarily.

If you have children below say teen years, you may likely not want them to be able to reach most of your kitchen cabinets easily. On the other hand, if you have people with special needs in your home, lower cabinets will be appropriate.

So, the abilities and reach of the frequent users of the kitchen should be a determinant when choosing kitchen cabinets. If accessibility is ignored, it will affect the functionality of the kitchen cabinets and frequent users are most likely not going to enjoy using those cabinets.

Moreover, the kitchen is likely to be disorganized because items that could have been stored in the kitchen cabinets but be left just anywhere in the kitchen.

Final Words

To choose the right kitchen cabinets, you must consider how much money you have and/or how far you are willing to stretch your budget. Aside from the overall kitchen size, you should also consider your style and see if it ties in with the overall kitchen space.

The number of items you intend to store in the kitchen cabinets also counts. Moreover, you should know which people will be using the kitchen often and think through the ease or otherwise of reaching the kitchen cabinets. I hope this guide helps you to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen.

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