Is Painting Countertops A Good Idea? 6 Pros & Cons

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In a bid to find a quick and budget-friendly way of revamping the kitchen countertop, some people contemplate painting their countertops. While that is not entirely a bad idea, you cannot just up and do it.

It is not a good idea to paint all countertop materials. Some countertop materials can be painted without any issues and other countertop materials shouldn’t be painted because the paint will not adhere to the surface.

There are certain factors to consider while being armed with some information, so you do not end up regretting the decision. There are also benefits and disadvantages of painting your countertops. At the end of this article, I would have exposed to you whether or not painting your countertops is a good idea.

Can You Just Paint Countertops?

You cannot just paint your countertops simply because you feel like it. If you want to paint your countertops, you must be equipped with some knowledge before making the decision. If you get a professional to paint the countertops, then you may not care to know any details as he will advise you on what is best.

On the other hand, if you will like to paint it yourself, you must know the right type of paint to use for your specific type of countertop material. While some countertop materials can be painted, others cannot and you must know them.

Also, you must know the processes involved in ensuring the best results after painting your countertops. To summarize these processes, you must clean the countertops, sand, prime, paint, and seal. 

Is It A Good Idea To Paint Countertops?

Painting countertops can be a good or bad idea depending on some factors. You should not decide to paint your countertops until you have assessed these factors and know the results.

1. Type of Countertop Material

Your type of countertop material can determine if it is a good idea to paint your countertops or not. Whereas laminate and wooden countertops can easily be painted with little to no worries because they are porous materials, it may not be advisable to paint quartz, marble, or granite countertops as they are non-porous so the paint will not adhere to them properly.

2. The Reason For Painting

Apart from giving your kitchen a new look, if your reason for wanting to paint your countertops is to maintain that look for a long period or cover up certain faults on your countertops, it may not be such a great idea.

Once you paint your countertops, you will have to keep painting them from time to time to maintain the revamped look as paint is susceptible to wear and tear within a short period.

What Countertop Materials Can Be Painted?

I would say all countertops materials can be painted but painting any countertop material is not a prudent idea. So, it is only a good idea to paint countertop materials that are porous and somewhat have a textured or rough surface. These are the ones that can help the paint to adhere to the surface of the countertop properly.

Examples of countertops materials that can be painted are laminate, wood, and concrete countertops.

What Countertop Materials Shouldn’t Be Painted?

Two categories of countertop materials should not be painted. One group is countertop materials that are solid smooth and thereby non-porous. These countertop materials do not allow the paint to adhere properly to them. Hence, painting these types of countertop materials may not last long.

Another category of countertop materials that should not be painted is those that are stain and scratch resistant. Examples of such countertop materials are granite and marble countertops.

I am saying these countertops shouldn’t also be painted because they come in their natural beauty and design and should be maintained as such. While these countertop materials shouldn’t be painted, that doesn’t mean they cannot be painted. You can paint granite and marble countertops but a meticulous amount of preparation needs to be done.

Benefits Of Painting Countertops

1. Budget-friendly Revamp

Painting your countertops provides a less costly way of giving your kitchen a new look. Rather than breaking the bank to replace your entire countertops, you can opt to paint them. This will similarly give your kitchen an upgrade without you spending a lot of bucks.

2. Covering Up Faults

If there are any cracks or dents on your countertops, painting them may just be what you need to cover up those flaws. Once those dents and cracks are sanded and filled out properly before painting, you may not even notice they were there after the painting is done.

3. Aesthetic Look

Painting your countertops offers a nice look for your surfaces. If you want a better-looking kitchen with fun color options, you can paint your countertops to improve the aesthetics. This is also where your creativity can come to play. You can paint the countertops in such a way that it ties in with the style of the kitchen or entire house.

Cons Of Painting Countertops

1. Not Durable

Painting your countertops offers a temporal nice look for your surfaces. I use “temporal” because the look will not last for so long. Thus, painting your countertops makes them less durable than for instance changing the countertops to granite, quartz, or marble. 

2. It May Not Turn Out Well

After painting your countertop, the end product may not be what you wanted, and you may end up disliking your makeover. Sometimes our DIYs don’t always turn out okay and this can happen with you painting your kitchen countertop.

3. Painting Is Not That Easy

Painting countertops is not as easy as it seems to be. If you are considering making it a DIY project, you need to know exactly what you are doing. That includes the processes involved: from sanding, cleaning, priming, and painting to sealing. If you do not want to deal with all that, just get a professional to do the work.

Final Words

Painting your kitchen countertop can be a good idea with some countertop materials such as wood and laminate just as it can be a bad idea with other countertop materials such as granite and marble.

That is not to say you cannot paint materials like granite. A significant number of preparations need to be carried out before painting and when not done right, you can end up ruining the beauty of your countertop. When in doubt, always call a professional.


Q: How do you waterproof painted countertops?

A: To waterproof painted countertops, you need to sand the surface very well. Then, apply a waterproofing sealant over the painted countertops several times to ensure that the finished product looks good.

Q: How do you make painted countertops last?

A: Painted countertops are not long-lasting but can be made to last a bit longer. First, you need to prepare the surface properly by cleaning and sanding. Then, before anything else, make sure you are using high-quality and material-specific paint. Then, apply multiple coats of the paint before sealing the paint.

Also, after painting, avoid using harsh chemicals in cleaning the countertops and do place heavy objects on them as this may cause dents. Again,  avoid placing hot utensils and cooking equipment directly on the painted surfaces. You can use heat barriers like napkins, racks, trivets, and hot pads.

Q: Do painted countertops peel off easily?

A: Though painted countertops are not durable, how quickly they will peel off, is based on how the countertops are used. Always avoid exposure to direct heat, harsh chemicals, and heavy objects. Moreover, the quality of the paint used may dictate how long it will take before the paint begins to peel off. Also, prepping the countertop surface properly will ensure that the paint does not peel off easily.

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